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Straightforward Pear Sorbet | Pears going dangerous? Make this! 

pear sorbet being scooped

This scrumptious pear sorbet is made with simply 4 substances: overripe pears, a splash of maple syrup, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a pinch of cinnamon. Much more, you don’t have to make use of an ice cream maker to make this clean and creamy pear sorbet. If you happen to love frozen desserts, you’ll love this wholesome deal with. It’s so great, I’ve currently been letting a couple of pears over ripen simply so I can take pleasure in this sorbet.

pear sorbet on spoon in front of bowl of sorbet

Questioning what to do with pears going dangerous? I get it. I purchase quite a lot of my produce from Costco, and infrequently go overboard and convey residence greater than my daughter and I can eat. Pears ripen so rapidly, and I don’t like consuming them once they’re overripe and mushy. Recently I’ve been on a mission to restrict meals waste, so after I noticed these sorry pears begging for mercy in my fruit bowl I made a decision to get inventive.

pear sorbet in bowl

Whats to like?

Silky clean texture

Nutritious low-sugar frozen dessert

Stuffed with fiber

Made with uncooked fruit

Excellent strategy to reduce down on meals waste and use fruit that’s going dangerous

No ice cream maker wanted: The trick is to freeze the pears earlier than mixing in a meals processor

Tremendous simple to make

Solely 4 substances

Meals waste is an actual subject

Do you know that Individuals waste a whopping 80 million tons of meals per yr? That is heartbreaking for therefore many causes: waste of assets, meals insecure individuals who have been bypassed and can nonetheless go hungry regardless of waste, and environmental degradation. The vast majority of wasted meals leads to landfills the place it takes a really very long time to decompose, and contributes to methane gasoline emissions. We are able to all do higher by composting meals waste within the yard, or dropping off meals scraps at a composting middle. However why not save your self cash and absorb extra diet by consuming the meals as an alternative of losing it? Generally it could really feel overwhelming to determine what to do with your entire overripe and wilted produce, however hopefully this scrumptious recipe would be the inspiration you want.

frozen overripe pears in a plastic container

Why do pears ripen so rapidly?

Pears will ripen relying on their atmosphere. Bartlett, bosc and anjou pears are harvested when they’re agency and crunchy like an apple. They ripen to a clean delicate texture. Whereas crunchy pears are nice for including to salads, the right texture is barely agency to the contact, but simple to chew into. Virtually like the feel of banana, avocado, and mango. As pears ripen and soften their style will get sweeter.

How one can SLOW DOWN the ripening course of

  • To gradual the method of ripening in pears retailer them away from different fruits that emit ethylene, a gasoline that makes fruit ripen. Apples, pears, and bananas are the prime emitters, so don’t retailer these fruit collectively. That’s until you need them to ripen faster.
  • Retailer pears within the fridge as quickly as they attain your required ripeness. If you happen to favor your fruit room temperature, like I do, take a pear out to heat up half-hour earlier than you wish to take pleasure in it.
  • To stop pears from oxidizing, turning brown, as soon as they’re reduce, drizzle some lemon juice over slices.

How one can SPEED UP the ripening course of

  • When you’ve tried this pear sorbet you might have a tough time ready to your pears to ripen. You’ll additionally discover that overripe pears work greatest on this recipe. To make pears ripen faster place them close to an apple or banana.
  • You too can strive storing them in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana.
  • I discover that fruit ripens greatest in my residence when the temperature is round 70°. Too heat and the fruit ripens inconsistently, and too chilly and it doesn’t ripen in any respect.

pear sorbet in food processor

How one can make simple pear sorbet

  • The 1st step, neglect about your stunning pears and allow them to ripen too lengthy. Count on to see brown spots, a delicate delicate peel, and shriveling across the stem. The riper the sweeter. Simply don’t allow them to begin fermenting.
  • Step two, core and chop the overripe pears. Freeze them till strong.
  • Step three, switch the frozen pears to a meals processor. Add cinnamon and a tbsp of maple syrup. Mix till clean and creamy.  *Taste the pear sorbet nonetheless you’d like. Different nice additions are vanilla bean, ginger, cardamom, and/or nutmeg.
  • Step 4, serve instantly or place the sorbet within the freezer to agency for an hour. Take pleasure in!

pear sorbet scoops in bowl

Extra methods to make use of pears which can be going dangerous…

It may be daunting to determine what to do with pears going dangerous. Particularly as a result of they don’t maintain their form like unripe pears and apples, which will be sliced for pies, snacks, and even salads. However there are such a lot of choices. None as simple and nutritious as my easy pear sorbet, however scrumptious none the much less.

  • You might make one thing like a pear sauce by stewing the cored pears in a pot for quarter-hour. Overripe pears are tremendous candy, so that you don’t want so as to add the rest. Use an immersion blender to create a smoother sauce. Take pleasure in as you’ll applesauce.
  • By decreasing the pear sauce much more you would make a yummy pear butter that’s scrumptious over pancakes, waffles, toast, and oatmeal. If you happen to please, to boost the flavors, sweeten the pear butter with just a little brown sugar and spice with cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Use overripe pear instead of mashed banana in smoothies and vegan pancakes. Freeze them for a creamier texture in smoothies.
  • Use them in baking as nicely. Mashed ripe pears will be added to muffins and quickbreads.

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pear sorbet being scooped

Straightforward Pear Sorbet | No Ice Cream Maker Wanted

By no means waste overripe pears once more. This scrumptious pear sorbet is made with simply 4 easy vegan substances. You needn’t use an ice cream maker. The feel is creamy and silky!


  • 4 overripe pears Bosc, anjou, or bartlett pears
  • 1-2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp floor cinnamon


  • Core and chop the overripe pears and place in a freezer protected container. Freeze in a single day, or not less than 6 hours.

  • Place the frozen pears in a meals processor, and mix till it’s the consistency of icy snow. Add the maple syrup, lemon juice, cinnamon and proceed to mix till it’s creamy and clean.

  • Switch to a deep freezer dish and freeze for not less than one hour earlier than serving. You may benefit from the pear sorbet proper out of the meals processor, however the texture shall be extra like delicate serve.


Be at liberty so as to add extra spices to your pear sorbet. Some nice choices are recent or powdered ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves.
If you do not have maple syrup, you may skip the sweetener, or exchange it with one other liquid sweetener, like agave, or sugar.

This technique of creating fruit sorbet works for a lot of fruits. For the very best texture use a creamy fruit like mango, banana (we name banana sorbet “good cream“), and berries. 


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